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Nona Mccreary

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I was wondering if you have a need for CATERING SERVICES. We are offering free FOOD SERVICES. Check us out at or call 416-670-1862 Email us at and try us out! Thanks, Bindiya ------- Report any unsolicited messages

Marjorie Doherty

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Sadie Rodman

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Ivey Scantlebury

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Aretha Paul

Happy New Year 2021!!! Are you working tomorrow?

Mihirsingh Dabhi

One of the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad, so hygienic and clean space. I would love to treat myself over here and satisfied with their hospitality.

Hima Jani

Very good clinic with latest technology along with cleanliness and modern things . They purely give best treatment with good facility.

Bhavesh Patel

Hi my name is Bhavesh Patel, I had taken treatment from Modi Multispeciality Dental Clinic, I got my old cap replaced from here. My old cap was broken many days ago and now I wanted a new one. I was given all the options for cap but I wanted the best zirconia cap. With no more delay my cap measurements was taken and then I was called on phone to receive my cap. I really like the team work and positive environment of the clinic. Also the fitting of the cap is great. I dont feel like any foreign object in my mouth. thank you for giving me such great service. I would now like to continue with this clinic for any dental treatment.

Krishna Dobariya

Hello my name is Krishna Dobariya, I was told about Dr Jalak by one of my family member, they had said the doctor and the clinic is very good for any kind of dental treatment so I visited as I had a toothache since long. I was explained when about the treatment through my x-ray that they had taken at that time. I was advised to save the tooth through root canal treatment followed by cap. Treatment was painless and fast. Appointment timings were kept according to my convenience. The clinic environment is very clean. I would like to give thanks to all the staff and specially to Dr. Jalak for treatment and follow up call after treatment.

Ruchi Gajkaran

I am Ruchi Gajkaran, I wanted whitening for my teeth, so I decided to seek care of a dentist who would guide me better. So I was recommended to visit Modi Multispeciality Dental clinic, where I met very good bunch of doctors. They advised me well towards the teeth whitening procedure, during the procedure also the doctor was very careful as not to cause any discomfort to me. After the treatment I got new shade of my teeth and I was very happy with them. Best part was they took a before treatment photograph to see the difference after the procedure. I could see a great difference in just 2 sessions. I loved the type of treatment I have been provided with. I would like to thank the whole team of the clinic.

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