Latest Dental Technology at MMSDC

Technology advancements can offer modern solutions to traditional dental problems. Today, dentistry is dynamic field, changing very-very quickly. We are on top of any technology that can help us to achieve our target successfully time after time. We also pledge to involve you in the decision making process so that you are aware of all your treatment options and can select the care that is best for you. This finally reflects, effectively & efficiently in our work and their results..!

Ultra-Modern Dental Chair
Dental Laser- For Cosmetic–Prophylactic–Surgical Treatments
Apex Locator -For Precision in root canal treatment
Implant System - For replacement of tooth / teeth
Bleaching Light-For Teeth Whitening
Intra Oral Camera -Visualize Oral cavity & Teeth
Autoclave for infection control & for sterile instruments
Endomotor -To deliver effective & faster Root Canal treatment
Radio Visiography (RVG) Digital X-ray
Modern Hand pieces For Tooth preparations
U-V Chamber Sterilizing microbial contaminants in Clinic
Saab Light Cure Gun For Composite Restoration
Gutta Percha Cutter For Root Canal Treatment
LCD TV to show dental health education templets
Ultra Sonic Scaler For teeth Cleaning