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Mihirsingh Dabhi

One of the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad, so hygienic and clean space. I would love to treat myself over here and satisfied with their hospitality.

Hima Jani

Very good clinic with latest technology along with cleanliness and modern things . They purely give best treatment with good facility.

Bhavesh Patel

Hi my name is Bhavesh Patel, I had taken treatment from Modi Multispeciality Dental Clinic, I got my old cap replaced from here. My old cap was broken many days ago and now I wanted a new one. I was given all the options for cap but I wanted the best zirconia cap. With no more delay my cap measurements was taken and then I was called on phone to receive my cap. I really like the team work and positive environment of the clinic. Also the fitting of the cap is great. I dont feel like any foreign object in my mouth. thank you for giving me such great service. I would now like to continue with this clinic for any dental treatment.

Krishna Dobariya

Hello my name is Krishna Dobariya, I was told about Dr Jalak by one of my family member, they had said the doctor and the clinic is very good for any kind of dental treatment so I visited as I had a toothache since long. I was explained when about the treatment through my x-ray that they had taken at that time. I was advised to save the tooth through root canal treatment followed by cap. Treatment was painless and fast. Appointment timings were kept according to my convenience. The clinic environment is very clean. I would like to give thanks to all the staff and specially to Dr. Jalak for treatment and follow up call after treatment.

Ruchi Gajkaran

I am Ruchi Gajkaran, I wanted whitening for my teeth, so I decided to seek care of a dentist who would guide me better. So I was recommended to visit Modi Multispeciality Dental clinic, where I met very good bunch of doctors. They advised me well towards the teeth whitening procedure, during the procedure also the doctor was very careful as not to cause any discomfort to me. After the treatment I got new shade of my teeth and I was very happy with them. Best part was they took a before treatment photograph to see the difference after the procedure. I could see a great difference in just 2 sessions. I loved the type of treatment I have been provided with. I would like to thank the whole team of the clinic.

Tulsi Radadiya

Hi I am Tulsi Radadiya, Today I had visited Modi Multispeciality Dental clinic, which is located in Vastrapur. I got to know about this clinic through my family friend who had taken a treatment from here. The doctors and clinic are highly professional and the place is quiet hygienic. I have had dental treatment done from other places in the past and found this clinic to be better. I have had RCT done from a some other clinic but was not able to complete it. So here I got my RCT completed with cap over it. The rates are very reasonable, and doctors here are always available. Now this clinic is my one of the best dental clinic so far, I would tell everyone known to me, about this clinic for any kind of dental treatment.

Kishan Faldu

Hello I am Kishan Faldu, I have to share my experience with Modi Multispeciality Dental clinic, which great and wonderful job was done by Dr Jalak and her team. This was my first visit to a dentist and I was really nervous. She made sure that it was not too painful for me and was patient enough to clear all my doubts and queries. I had to get one of teeth extracted and also wanted a replacement for it. I was given all kinds of replacement options but dental bridge suited me the most. Best thing about here is they have a very good communication system and always ready on phone as well. Also the clinic is open on Sundays which makes it more convenient. Great experience so far. Thanks again.

Jaini Patel

Hey, I am Jaini Patel, wanted to get my teeth cleaned so according to the Google ratings I went to the most searched and easily accessible dental clinic, where I came to know about Modi Multispeciality dental clinic. Here they had some dental health awareness plan through which I got very good deal for scaling and polishing for my teeth. Here doctor informed me about the proper way to brush my teeth and to use soft bristles brush. Also they called for a follow up visit in order to see the treatment effects after 15days. Thank you so much for taking good care of patients even after the treatment is over as no other clinic would do that. Thanks to all the doctors and team members.

Prof. Murtaza

Hi I am I visit modi multispeciality dental clinic for my toothache,dr. Jalak treat my problem very well. I feel like homely atmosphere at clinic , staff is also good and well behaved, I really want to come again and recommend my all friends and family for dental treatment at modi multispeciality dental clinic .

Khushali Modi

I am Khushali Modi since long my father was having a problem with his artificial set of teeth but he could not visit a dentist clinic as he is old and weak. Then I had inquired about if any dentist could come at home for treatment. Then I came across Dr. Jalak Jani . On telephonic conversation she told me that she can give home visits to make new set of prosthesis for my father. She personally came to home and took my fathers measurements for denture, which I found was so kind and generous. Thanks a lot to Dr. Jalak and her team who could made it possible to make denture in no time. I would surley recommend Modi Multispeciality clinic to all my friends and relatives.

Dhyan Mehta

Dr Jalak would have been best dentist I have ever met. I came to see dr Jalak at modi multispeciality dental clinic to get some root canal and cleaning , she completed whole treatment along with crown within 1 week. She is very kind, gentle, fast and professional with her work. I would highly recommend to all and visit modi multispeciality dental clinic

Kavya patel

Hi my name is Kavya Patel visiting modi multispeciality Dental clinic was a great experience, doctors here are so pleasing and listen to our problems so patiently. The clinic is very much approachable and also the staff here is readily available to communicate through call or message in case of any confusion. Also i found the clinic very well equipped with new technology and is neat and clean.

Arav Motwani

I am Arav Motwani, my teeth have always been problematic for me. I have visited many dentists but never received a good advice. Then I visited Modi Multispecialty Dental Clinic recently, and there I was guided with proper advice and instructions before and after treatment. Then I planned to take implant treatment to replace my missing teeth. I was amazed to see the time management and professionalism among the team. My treatment was finished in just two days as it was promised by the doctors in starting of the treatment. Now it’s been 5-6 months when my implants was placed I have not received any kind of problem. Thanks to the team of Modi Multispecialty Dental clinic.

Meenak Solanki

One of the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad, so hygienic and clean space. I would love to treat myself over here and satisfied with their hospitality.

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